Why are fruit-flavored e-cigarettes banned?

Why are fruit-flavored e-cigarettes banned?

This year, fruit-flavored e-cigarettes were banned, do you know why?

The ban on the sale of fruit-flavored e-cigarettes is mainly because e-cigarettes have formed a trend among teenagers in the past few years. The taste of cigarettes is an important reason to attract consumers. Many consumers start to smoke electronic cigarettes because of the attraction of hundreds of flavors.

On March 11, 2022, the State Tobacco Monopoly Administration issued an announcement prohibiting the sale of flavored e-cigarettes other than tobacco flavors and e-cigarettes that can add atomizers by themselves. That is to say, e-cigarettes that once featured fruit flavors will be banned. For sale!

The various flavors and atomization designs of electronic cigarettes can be inductive to people. The flavors of flavored electronic cigarettes on the market are mainly blended with flavors, simulating the flavors of various fruits, flowers, and beverages. Compared with ordinary cigarettes, these flavors have a single flavor It seems very tempting, and it also makes minors with weak resistance to temptation embark on the road of no return. Therefore, restricting the flavor production of e-cigarettes so that the products no longer have special flavors can well protect the health of minors.

Not only that, the toxic substances produced by the flavor of e-cigarettes after being heated at high temperature will endanger human health. According to medical research, there are 65 kinds of flavors commonly used in e-cigarettes that can produce toxic substances after heating. These toxic substances will have adverse effects on people’s respiratory system and cardiovascular health, which is also an important reason for banning the sale of fruit-flavored e-cigarettes.

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Post time: Sep-19-2022