How to choose e-cigarette for newbies?

How to choose e-cigarette,look at the following 7 points!

How to choose e-cigarette for newbies,just look at the following key points.


Quality and safety,stable performance determines whether the product is easy to use and durable.


Only products with superior materials,high appearance,high recognition and differentiated products can experience taste and personality.

Taste choice

The taste of liquid smoke is basically divided into three categories: simulated tobacco, fruit herbs, and various food and beverages. The fruit flavor is the closest to the real thing, and it is more appealing, especially the mint flavor. Generally, it is better for beginners to choose the fruit flavor.

Nebulizing core

The nebulizing core is the key to the taste, and the amount of smoke and the softness of the taste depend on it.


E-liquid is the key to the taste. Since the pods of various companies are incompatible with each other, you must first look at the taste of the brand e-liquid. For ten years, Fanhuo brand has been committed to developing e-liquids with good quality and good taste.

Battery and charging port

The battery should be as large as possible. Strong battery life is very important. There are basically two types of electronic cigarette charging interfaces, Micro USB and Type-C. Type-C is recommended.

Update iteration

For electronic cigarette technology products, the updated and iterative products are better, and the new generation will improve the taste and quality.

In summary, I recommend VPLUS infinity as your favorite product. VPLUS infinity has 12 flavors to choose, the battery capacity is 650mAh, it supports Type-c charging method, and the e-juice capacity is 15ml.

VPLUS brand works miracles to create every classic disposable electronic cigarette.

Post time: Aug-11-2022